My Indoor TV Antenna does not receive any channels!

All Indoor TV Antennae are tested to ensure maximum possible reception in an unobstructed communication channel.
Unfortunately in reality there are always many obstacles that impede the signal strength. These include the distance from the local transmitter, the number of buildings and walls etc.
Also depending upon the actual Transmitter frequency whether it is a horizontal signal or vertical signal, depends also on whether you need to change the direction of the TV Antenna.
Most transmitters in the UK are Horizontal, but some repeater transmitters in selected areas need to change to vertical.

It could also be that the signal in your specific location is so weak that you will never obtain more than a few channels using any Indoor TV Antenna.

All our models have one of the highest amplification gains in the UK Market, but unfortunately that does not guarantee you will obtain a signal. It simply means that the signal you obtain is better than those obtained by other Indoor TV Antennae.

You should check the location and strength of your local TV transmitter at

For finely tuned for HD Reception, then our model A3202BK is designed for the higher data reception and is more attuned to the HD Channels.
Standard models will still receive some HD Channels but is not specifically designed to receive HD.

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