My Halogen Bulb has exploded

It is exceptionally rare for a Halogen Bulb to shatter or explode. Because of the serious nature, we have put together the reasons why this may happen below, many of which are out of the control of the manufacturer. We hope this will enlighten you to the side-effects of using the new type Halogen bulbs.

Halogen Bulbs are unlike the old Filament Incandescent bulbs that consumers have used for many decades.

The operating Temperature is much greater. The design is also unlike those of a normal filament bulb. They contain high pressure (up to 15x Atmospheric) inert gas inside a capsule bulb that is then contained inside an exterior glass casement. 

a) Like ALL halogen bulbs, including R7S styles, G9 and GU10 etc the bulb cannot be touched by hand. Body grease can be transferred to the bulb and this can cause the quartz glass to become hard and brittle and a concentration of heat at the locale of the grease. In turn this can cause the bulb to shatter. 

This is the most common reason for any Halogen bulb to shatter.

b) Whilst every bulb is physically tested, any hairline cracks in either the inner or outer glass casements due to transportation or poor handling by the retailer/wholesaler/courier can also cause the high pressure bulb to shatter. 

c) Incorrect wattage bulb for the intended shade can also lead to the bulb overheating inside the lampshade, and eventually shattering or worse, the shade catching fire. 
Most consumers are not aware of the difference in bulb technology. A 60w Filament Bulb (old bulbs) is not the same as a 60w Halogen Bulb (new type) and is NOT a direct replacement. 

d) Sudden surge of electricity can cause a surge in the pressure within the inner bulb. Halogen bulbs are less tolerant than old Incandescent bulbs and a surge of more than 5% may cause the bulb to shatter.

Unlike the old filament bulb, when the filament blew there was no real cause for concern. With a Halogen bulb (of all types and all manufacturer’s) the pressurised system inside the inner bulb, in simple terms, can be like popping a balloon and any slight damage or overheat can cause the bulb to rupture. Whilst we provide every effort to ensure that such a situation should never occur, there are occasions outside our control.

This is an inherent problem with ALL Halogen bulbs, that when the EU decided to remove Tungsten Filament bulbs from the market did not fully consider any of the alternatives. 

All Lloytron Halogen Incandescent bulbs are protected by a bubble bag to help reduce the transit damage before being packed in the Gift Boxes. All bulbs are 100% tested working at the factory and we have pre-shipment inspections on every batch. 

Most of these causes are outside the control of us as the manufacturer, and we continue to strive to ensure that the highest quality products are delivered to the end user. Please be rest assured that these situations are extremely rare.