Statutory Rights - Distance Selling Act

If you have purchased any product online or through mail order, then because you have not physically seen the goods, you have up to 14 working days to return the item to the seller without any recourse or action. 

The product must not be used, however packaging can be opened as long as it is done so as to minimise the amount of damage to the product or packaging.


This is called the Distance Selling Act and came into force so that consumers have the chance to review the product before purchase is complete.


The retailer/seller must fully refund you the full cost of the product plus and paid postage charges. They do not need to refund the return postage unless the seller has omitted to advise that you must pay.


A Retailer/Seller can not refuse to take back the product within these 14 days and does not need to have any explanation as to why you are returning the product.

There are a few exemptions in this act.