Setup 2.4 GHz: BT Home Hub 6

Setup 2.4 GHz: BT Home Hub 6

This guide will show you how to setup 2.4 GHz on your BT Home Hub 5. If you are uncomfortable doing this yourself then we recommend contacting your network provider or router manufacturer.


Step 1)

Open a web browser and type "" into the URL bar then press [Return]/[Enter] to load the webpage.

When the page loads, click the "Advanced settings" button.



Step 2)
Click the "Separate bands" button to split the 2.4 GHz frequency from the 5 GHz frequency then click "Save".

You can change the "Network name" option if you like if it makes it easier for you to differentiate between the two different channels but it is not 100% necessary.

You will need to use the 2.4 GHz network when setting up a WIFI device. This is the network without "-5" at the end.




Step 3)

After making these changes we recommend restarting your router so that the new settings can take effect.


Step 4)

Once your router has restarted and you're able to access the Internet again you can proceed to setup your WIFI device.