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Purchased from Retailer/Internet Seller
I have recently purchased a Lloytron product and it has become faulty.
I have bought a product from Amazon and they tell me to contact the manufacturer.
My product has a Manufacturers Extended Warranty, how do I claim?
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Spare Parts
Do you supply spare parts for your products!
Door Chimes
GUIDE - How do i link new devices to the MIP System?
GUIDE - How do i setup and install a bell push transmitter?
GUIDE - How do i do a Factory Reset on MIP System products?
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Wifi Products
Setup 2.4 GHz: TalkTalk Super Router
Setup 2.4 Ghz : Virgin Media Hub 3.0
Setup 2.4 GHz: Virgin Media Super Hub
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My kettle has lots of white bits inside!
The water in my kettle has a bad taste or smell!
TV Antenna
My Indoor TV Antenna does not receive any channels!
I can not receive HD Channels
Halogen Bulbs
My Halogen Bulb has exploded
Where can i buy Incandescent or Halogen bulbs?
LED Bulbs
Are Lloytron LED bulbs Dimmable?
Compact Fluorescent Bulbs
How do i dispose of CFLi Compact Fluorescent Bulbs
What should I do if I break a CFLi lamp?
Data Protection
Privacy Policy

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I have opened a ticket but had no reply! Article rated 4.3/5.0
Please check your JUNK email box. Occasionally with some internet email addresses (such as Hotmail, Yahoo etc) the responses from our Customer Service Help Desk is sent to the Junk or Quarantined an...

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